Economic and Investment Committee for Tabriz 2018 Incident

  • Doing any coordination necessary for easing and accelerating local and foreign financial resources for completing semi-finished tourism projects of Tabriz and supporting private sector;
  • Creating necessary backgrounds for the private sector to participate in foreign affairs with the aim of promoting Tabriz tourism opportunities;
  • Allocating budget for all public organizations and agencies in 2017 & 2018 with the aim of implementation of Tabriz 2018 goals and duties;
  • Accelerating and facilitating license and inquiry obtaining procedures in tourism sector;
  • Holding International Forum in tourism investment opportunities;
  • Activating tourism commission in Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and establishing tourism common commission among private sectors of Tabriz, Istanbul and Baku;
  • Giving low-interest banking loans for people who are doing business in tourism sector.
Call for projects of Tabriz 2018

In line with Tabriz selection as the Tourism Capital City of Islamic Countries in 2018, Investment Services Center of East Azarbaijan announces its readiness for finding local and foreign investor and  financial resources to accomplish semi-finished and developing projects in tourism sector such as hotel, hotel-apartment, recreational and restoring complexes, tourism and related services with the aim of developing and establishing necessary infrastructures for attracting the highest number of tourists in all over the province.
So, we invite all honorable investors and businessmen in private sector to fill their project data in the forms existed on and send them to
Economic Affairs and Finance Administration of East Azarbaijan Province
Investment Services Center 

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