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Investment Services Center of East Azarbaijan Province


Investment Attraction & Promotion Headquarter of East Azarbaijan Province was found in 2002 headed by the Provincial Governor and membership of heads of organizations and directors-general of concerned executive agencies and representatives of private sector institutions. Then a secretariat and a center by the name of “Investment Services Center of East Azarbaijan”, as the Investment Attraction & Promotion headquarter's executive lever, was found in 2003 as the first experience in whole of the country.

In line with the aims defined in Law and Implementing Regulations Concerning Promotion and Protection Foreign Investment and in order to protect, facilitate and accelerate investment procedure, Investment Services Center of the province was found in 2001 and in accordance to Deed number of 26986.44458 approved to be as the agent for the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran in 2010. This Center is the referral place for both foreign and local investors.

While referring to “Investment Services Center of East Azarbaijan” and through face to face meetings with experts of this center, investors become familiar with advantages and facilities defined in Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Act (FIPPA) and also procedures that shall be passed for acquiring “Foreign Investment License”. In this Center, all questions of applicants about other executive concerned agencies and organizations are answered. Foreign investors can benefit from guidelines and assistances of the Center for communication with other public executive organizations and private sector related to an especial project. All affairs are organized and managed in such a way that any foreign investor can access to all data and strategies and there is no need for referring to various organizations. Service provided in Investment Services Center is not limited to pre-investment stages; but investors can refer to this center and benefit from its services after investment too.

Services provided in “Investment Services Center”

Services provided in “Investment Services Center” is divided into two sectors; before obtaining the license and after obtaining the license.

Services available before obtaining license;

  • Consulting investors about affairs concerning foreign investment acceptance and protection;
  • Doing necessary coordination and supporting in affairs related to obtaining needed licenses such as the declaration of establishment, license of environment organization, license subscriptions relating to water, electricity, gas and telephone, discovering and exploring mines and etc from other related organizations before issuing foreign investment license;
  • Doing coordination and pursuing with executive agencies related to foreign investment applicants;
  • Accepting investment applicants in the province and pursuing affairs related to investors through related executive organizations and agencies;
  • Receiving foreign investors’ application forms with other necessary papers and documents and coordinating with the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistances of Iran for issuing foreign investment license.

After Obtaining License:

  • Doing necessary coordination in affairs concerning foreign investment in stages after obtaining foreign investment license such as registering common company, registering order for importing machinery and equipment, affairs concerning capital in-flow and out-flow, customs and tax issues and etc;
  • Pursuing some measurements necessary after foreign investment license issuance such as administrative affairs and in-flow of foreign capital;
  • Pursuing all administrative problems of foreign investors in other executive organizations;
  • Creating coordination among organizations in regards to solve possible problems and removing all barriers concerning investment in order to solve problems by the Provincial Governor and benefiting from his supports in solving any possible problems;
  • Doing all assigned affairs concerning supervising and leading investment projects through administrations;

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Phone Number


Heidar Akhondi

Head of Investment Department

+98- 41 3526 5054


Shahrzad Mohammadkhanli

Investment Senior Expert

+98- 41 3523 4982


Javad Motaarefi

Investment Expert

+98- 41 3526 0320


Alireza Monem

IT expert

+98- 41 3526 0320


Abolfazl Bahra

Investment Expert

+98- 41 3526 2237- 8


Saber Abdi

Investment Expert

+98- 41 3526 2237- 8


Zahra Jalili

Investment Expert

+98- 41 3526 2237- 8


Mahdiyeh Bonyadi

Single Window System Expert

+98- 41 3523 2692

Representatives of Administrative Organizations in Investment Service Center
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